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​Corporate M&A and Finance

Benefiting from the expert advisory firm within the DCBC Deutsch Chinesisches Business Center & Unternehmensservice GmbH Group, which focuses on corporate M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions)  and capital market transactions cross China and Germany, we provide highly professional consulting and advisory services.

The Group's investment banking advisory team is rooted in Germany and has a native German team specializing in German law, finance and project execution, besides our office in Beijing and Shanghai closely provide clients with Chinese local service. Our management team and staff have deep Chinese-German intercultural background, and possess wealth of professional experience in the field of both industry and business consulting. 


We operates a global collaborative network of international capital markets and M&A. Based on our deep and insightful understanding of the different business culture between China and Germany, we provide high quality and tailor-made solutions based on comprehensive analysis to achieve a global business development for our clients.

As a consulting firm focused on cross-border transactions between China and Germany, we maintain a consecutive tracking and analysis of the key industries and corporations in Germany. The industries in Automobile, machinery and automation, as well as environmental protection, energy and health care are the cores of our concern. Our business covers Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Northern Europe and other European countries.

Serving as a German investment consulting firm with a comprehensive understanding of Chinese-German business culture, Interchina will provide you with a professional value-added consulting service to assist your success in Europ​e.

Core Value:

  • Specialized focus on M&A and the capital markets cross Germany and China

  • Adhering to the profound industrial  knowledge, having our M&A footprints all over the world

  • Taking client's interest as the starting point to make sure that they benefit from high added-value we bring

  • Operating by professional German team, providing with Chinese local services,
    as well as collaborating with international network


  • Equipped with efficient project management capability and professional knowledge on legal regulation and taxation




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M&A and financing opportunities in Germany and Europe:


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